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Mergent's Dividend Achievers Handbook

To find the most consistent dividend-paying stocks, professional investment managers, analysts, and knowledgeable individual investors use Mergent s Dividend Achievers™ — the definitive guide for sound investments.

Published four times a year, Mergent's Dividend Achievers features the latest data on a unique universe of companies with a history of regularly rewarding shareholders.

Mergent has been highlighting companies with outstanding dividend records since 1979 and boasts a century of experience in quality financial information publishing. Each quarterly handbook features updated profiles on approximately 300 Dividend Achiever companies, revised with the latest available quarterly earnings results, dividend announcements, and stock prices.
"Mergent s Dividend Achievers is one of my favorite bedside thrillers. Here's a simple way to succeed in Wall Street: Buy the stocks on [Mergent s] list and stick with them as long as they stay on the list" — Peter Lynch

High Quality Companies
Mergent s Dividend Achievers, profiles approximately 300 U.S. companies that have increased their regular cash dividends annually for the past ten or more consecutive years. These are truly remarkable companies. The average total return of these Dividend Achiever companies has outperformed the S&P 500 for the last 10 years.

From our Dividend Achievers, you can put together an extraordinary, diversified portfolio. They include large capitalization, mid-cap, and small-cap companies. The companies represent more than 50 different industries, from consumer goods to real estate to utilities.

For each Dividend Achiever Company, our handbook provides a full-page profile with in-depth investment criteria, including a stock performance chart, dividend record, business description, seven years of financial results and ratios, analysis of recent developments and more. With just a glance, you can see how the company has done in the past and decide whether you want to investigate further.

Plus, there are special features, such as a dividend reinvestment plan indicator on each page, Dividend Achiever arrivals and departures, Dividend Achiever name changes, Dividend Achiever mergers and acquisitions, as well as web site and investor contact information on each page.

Unique Rankings
Companies are classified by industry. This edition includes numerous valuable rankings, such as 10-year average annual dividend growth rate, one, three, and five year total returns, top 20 return on equity and return on assets along with top 20 rankings by revenue, net income, total assets, long-term and short-term price scores, highest and lowest P/E ratios and more!